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OK Brands was created to bring integrity to food! With all foods made by OK Brands, you can have delicious desserts made with only the most quality of ingredients. Enjoy your dessert guilt-free!


Olga Keller

Chef & Founder

Olga's background as a healthcare provider, Holistic Nutritional Coach and a Raw Holistic Chef changed her perspective on food all together. Her core values are to bring awareness to all that food shouldn't be chemically processed, contain additives, sugar, salt,oils, starches in order to taste delicious. Her main focus is to create food that would prevent inflammatory response in the body without compromising the taste and nutritional value. Daily meditations, Qi gong, yoga, fitness, conscious, mindful living bring balance to her life. She is a passionate believer that everything we do in life should bring us joy. She personally takes responsibility for setting up the foundation for a prosperous life of our future generations on Planet Earth.


Jeremy Matza

Vice President

Jeremy works as an executive healthcare consultant with the focus on pharmaceutical and medical implant sales. The primary role of his position to educate and provide high quality products where safety and efficacy was is the upmost importance. Jeremy has found fulfillment through his philanthropic endeavors. He has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charities such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Worked in hospitality management for many years organizing events, festivals, and industry meetups which gave him the skills to understand and meet people’s wants and needs. He is a strong believer that creating positive life changing habits now will benefit us for years to come. At the age of 24 he was featured in fitness magazines . A decade later Jeremy became a physique model behind the IronGym Brand. He also created awareness and suggested nutritional guidelines for Iron Gym followers to achieve maximum results.

Elizabeth headshot

Elizabeth Shtogrin

Chief Operating Officer

Working as a health care provider for a number of years, Elizabeth was able to share her knowledge in nutrition, fitness and fasting, set an example and motivate many to achieve remarkable lifestyle transformations. For the past four years she has been studying and practicing water fasting, dry fasting and intermittent fasting. Her love for fitness was influenced by Incredibly gifted Martial Arts master that gave life to Ukrainian world champions. She learned from Master Michail that the lifestyle and fitness are the key components to a true success in all areas of life. In the United States she became a Marathon runner and triathlete. Elizabeth realized then that fitness by itself is only one of the aspects to thrive. By adapting plant based lifestyle and incorporating fasting she was able to take her physical performance to the next level. One of the most memorable times of her life was experiencing culture of Abkhazia, where longevity is prevalent. She explores the world , ethnic cuisines, life of people at the most remote places and brings all that knowledge back home. She integrates daily meditations, fasting, yoga, fitness training to her balanced life, and enjoys studying foreign languages, outdoor sports, reading and music.


There are never any dairy or animal products in any foods by OK Brands.


There are never any added Salts, Oils or Sugars in any OK Brands food products.


All food is 100% derived from raw, nutrient dense PLANTS!

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A journey of sickness to health, through food!

To provide delicious food that is healing to the body!